Harry Miller

Harry Miller

Chief Operations Officer

GIBBS Senior Management Programme
B.Com Hons Cum Laude, Strategic Management
H.Dip, Corporate Law
B.Com Law
Certificate in Banking

Harry graduated from the University of Johannesburg, with a B.Com (law), B.Com Honours in Strategy, H.Dip Corporate Law and later went on to graduate with an MBA in 2018 from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is a seasoned banker with three decades of banking and business finance and strategy experience. He held senior positions across various divisions within the banking industry and has vast experience in the banking, finance and business segments of the economy. His banking career reaches across retail consumer banking, commercial banking and corporate and investment banking. His most recent role was in Investment Banking in Leveraged and Diversified Lending providing and leading complex lending structures for corporate clients in the South African market, which extended to select African regions. During his tenure in the banking industry he has been instrumental in reducing lending risk and recommending and implementing turnaround strategies for clients that enhance risk and reward for the bank and simultaneously enhanced a sustainable business future for its clients.

He operated his own finance and business consultancy firm providing financial guidance and strategic planning to small and medium enterprises. Developing and assisting in implementing business plans for growth and / or turnaround strategies for companies and small business.

After joining the STS Group, he joined the Executive Management team and has assumed responsibility for the Group’s operations and is mandated to implement the Group strategy operationally to ensure a sustainable future for all stakeholders.