Fortified Capital Plus

There are a vast number of Community Schemes in South Africa that struggle to operate functionally as a result of non-paying unit owners. The non-payment of levies results in a shortfall in the operational budget which basically means that paying unit owners either end up subsidising non-paying unit owners’ levy amounts or the Community Scheme goes without essential services to the common property. This often results in unit owners’ property assets not being maintained and a general decay within the entire Community Scheme, causing a drop in the value of properties.

The Fortified Capital Plus lending solution is utilised to fund Community Schemes with arrear levy debtor problems, where a portion of unit owners have not paid their levies, and / or in respect of Arrear Levy Debts subrogated in terms of Levy Guarantee Insurance Policies.


Minimum amount

R 50 000.00

Interest rate

Prime plus 5.0% per annum, compounded monthly
Interest is capped at 20.0% per annum, compounded monthly, due to legislative and industry restrictions imposed on interest chargeable to levy debtors

Interest repayment

Interest is capitalised and repaid “as and when” the Community Scheme collects its arrear levies


Loans are generally repaid “as and when” the Community Scheme collects its arrear levies, typically within an average of five years

Underlying legislation and security

The Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act 8 of 2011, the Sectional TitlesAct 95 of 1986, and the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act 9 of 2011, including important case law


Loans to Community Schemes are illiquid
The secondary market for this asset class is well established and sales can be facilitated by BC Funding Solutions, to willing buyers

Fees and charges

None, as all fees and charges are paid by the Debtor

The Fortified Capital Plus lending solution is ideal for private individuals, corporate entities and Trusts who are risk averse and do not require monthly interest income but are looking to grow their wealth-base through compounding of interest.