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Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of BC Funding Solutions’ business and is strategically important for us. We do not want to offer short-term solutions that only make a positive impact today. We want to provide long-term solutions that create legacies for others to continue in the future.

We pay attention to the unique needs of our clients as individuals and we aim to provide them with professional, responsible and sustainable financial solutions. We do so in a manner that encourages everyone to work together to maintain and contribute to a thriving community and country.

Lending through the lens of ESG:

Responsible investing has gained momentum globally, and in South Africa, over the last few years. Now, more than ever, it has become important to think about sustainability insights and information when investing in anything. Investors have realised that material Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors can indicate long-term performance, and have thus become standard criteria in many portfolio formations and valuations.

We work through the lens of ESG factors for investing, to identify and inform our lending solutions and the Community Schemes we assist.

Learn more about our approach here.

Our corporate social responsibility:

At BC Funding Solutions, we believe that it is our corporate social responsibility to uplift South African Community Schemes – with future sustainability in mind. We aim to get Community Schemes operating at their full potential now, and maintain this into the future. Ultimately, we want to positively impact the broader South African community.

Our lending solutions offer Community Schemes, meeting positive performance on ESG issues, a debt rehabilitation option for their non-paying owners. The provision of credit stabilises the Community Scheme’s cash flow and enables it to offer levy debtors time to repay its debt without immediate legal action or costs. We also assist Community Schemes with maintenance funding. The general decay of the buildings (even a single building), if not maintained over time, not only erodes the asset value of those units within the Community Scheme but also the properties surrounding it. Essentially, it provides communities with the means needed to thrive, rather than just survive.



To take the necessary action to collect outstanding levy contributions and rehabilitate the levy defaulters, including preventing them from incurring expensive legal costs.


To implement required maintenance immediately, avoiding the risk of further deterioration, containment of additional unnecessary costs, price escalations and inconvenience to all unit owners.


The asset value of the units in the Community Scheme and hence protecting the property investment of all unit owners.


The Community Scheme’s financial cash flow and stability by lending the full value of the levy debt.

We are devoted to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of our community by being a responsible corporate citizen with a strong focus on sustainable development and impact investing.

Corporate social responsibility initiatives we support:

What we do has a real impact on people’s lives, communities and the planet. We take this responsibility seriously. We build for tomorrow, today, by focusing on the sustainable interests of our community, investors, and the planet we all share. These initiatives are drivers for social good that extend BC Funding Solutions’ practical reach. These drivers are essential for putting our values into practice.

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